Doe’s and Diva’s Dairy, Inc.

A Pastoral Farmstead Goat & Sheep Dairy Nestled In The Loess Hills Of Western Iowa

Our values and beliefs are based on the following fundamentals.

  • We raise all livestock in harmony with nature.
  • We monitor our livestock daily for optimum management of healthy animals that have developed strong disease and parasite resistance while producing quality milk.
  • No chemicals, hormones or unnecessary antibiotics are used on any of our animals. (Antibotics are used when treating sick animals.  Any sick does or ewes are pulled from the milk line until all traces of antibiotics have left their system.)
  • We practice rotational grazing to enrich the grass our livestock consume and for optimal soil enhancement.
  • We strive to use renewable energy sources on the farm, including passive solar and bermed earth walls for the dairy processing plant and cheese cave.
  • Our processing facility has been designed to reduce our carbon footprint by using extra insulation, reduced water flow products, LED lights and energy star appliances.
  • We believe customers deserve quality milk products produced with sustainable, renewable and “green” practices.
  • Our faith, family and friendships are key elements in the success of our dairy.